Window Replacement

New Windows for Energy Savings & Greater Comfort

At Roxy Glass Company, we have a portfolio full of window replacement options at great prices. We offer many different types of windows to improve your property’s curb appeal and energy efficiency.

New windows should make your home or business substantially more comfortable and quieter. Newer windows are also easier to clean, and they’re made from modern, durable materials that will last for years.

Replacing a home window

We offer full-service planning and window installation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our prices are unbeatable, and we pride ourselves on service excellence and quality workmanship. Choose to improve your house or business with replacement windows from our wide range of energy-efficient new windows.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

As window contractors, we’ve seen the many benefits our customers enjoy when they replace windows. Here are just a few

  • Energy efficiency – save money when you install Energy Star-certified windows. Federal tax credits have recently increased and will help you to pay for the costs of installing the windows.
  • Increase the value of your property – there are few property improvements that will enhance the value of your property as much as new windows installed
  • Enhance curb appeal – Replacement windows give a building a whole new look, no matter the window type
  • Improve security – replacement windows have the newest security features like multi-point locking systems
  • Low maintenance – modern frame materials are easy to maintain, no paint or varnish is required
  • Enhanced comfort levels – old windows are often drafty and fail to keep the weather out. Replacement windows will retain indoor temperatures, improving overall comfort levels.
Energy Star certified

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Single hung vs double hung windows

Single Hung Windows are the premier product in our vinyl windows series. These windows gently glide vertically to provide ventilation. The upper sash is fixed, while the lower sash moves up and down. Remove the vent sash for cleaning and maintenance. The single-hung windows come in dual glaze and single-pane windows and include specialty glass options.

All windows have a full welded frame and sash with standard ¾” dual glass panes. Single-hung windows are strong and durable with few moving parts. Our single-hung replacement windows are steel reinforced and have multi-chamber frames.

We also have aluminum frame windows and doors in a wide variety of styles for both residential and commercial installations.

Double Hung Windows

Similar to the single-hung window, double-hung windows have two options for opening using both top and bottom sashes. Double-hung windows are slightly more expensive than the single-hung alternative because they have more moving parts. Double-hung and single-hung windows share all other features.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Our horizontal sliding windows feature many of the same characteristics as the single-hung window. Instead of rising vertically, the sash opens horizontally, sliding back and forth. These energy-efficient windows are popular because they’re so easy to use, quickly opening large areas to the outdoor air. They can contain expansive glass sections, allowing maximum natural light into the room.

The sliding window is equipped with premium adjustable tandem rollers which ensure smooth operation for years to come. The windows also feature anti-lift technology for additional security.

As replacement windows, you can choose double or single-glazed windows. All windows have a full welded frame and sash. The frame is multichambered and reinforced with steel.

Horizontal sliding window
Acrylic block window in a bathroom

Picture & Acrylic Block Windows

Choose picture or acrylic block windows when light, but ventilation is unnecessary or inaccessible. These windows provide an excellent light source and can showcase a beautiful exterior view. Create a distinctive look and add to your home’s character with the picture window of your choice. Choose our acrylic block option if the view isn’t great and you’d prefer to obscure it while still benefiting from the light.

Full, Half, or Quarter Windows

For a distinctive picture-perfect look, choose one of our charming, fixed windows from a choice of geometric patterns.

Casement / Awning Windows

Add personality to your home with our casement and awning windows. You’ll open and close the windows with a shaft operator system. Casement windows open from the side while awning windows lift from the horizontal sill position. Both provide excellent ventilation.

Casement windows have a crank handle, while awning windows open with a haft operator. These secure windows have multi-point locking systems and a protective fiber mesh screen.

Casement windows
Bay window and bow window examples

Bay & Bow Windows

Elegant bay and bow windows add space and light to any room. They add distinctive style and beauty to any home. Increase the value of your property and add comfort to your home with a classic bay or bow window.

Garden Windows

Designed for the gardening enthusiast, our garden window provides the home with understated charm and warmth. Ideal for the kitchen, this window brings in a limited amount of sunlight into the solar chamber to encourage plant growth – the perfect place for flowers, herbs, and other greens.

Garden window in a kitchen

Aluminum Replacement Windows

Is Aluminum a good choice for replacement windows? Arming yourself with facts can help in good decision making.  Aluminum replacement windows have both pros and cons as you can see below.

Aluminum replacement windows

The Upsides of Aluminum Windows:

  • Typically Lower Maintenance: Aluminum Windows usually require less upkeep than their wooden, vinyl or fiberglass counterparts, and can even have an anodized or factory baked finish. Corrosion can be an issue if your windows will be exposed to salt water.
  • Lightweight and strong: Aluminum Windows are lighter than other materials and can be easier to install. It is a very durable material and should outlast a typical vinyl or wood window.
  • Flexibility: The material is easier to manufacture and is a good option for windows with an unusual shape. Since aluminum frames can be narrower, they might block a desirable view less than other materials.
  • Usually Priced Lower Than Wood or Vinyl: Aluminum windows are often more affordable than wood, vinyl or fiberglass windows.

The Downsides of Aluminum Windows:

  • Generally a poor insulator: Since aluminum doesn’t hold in heat as well as other materials, you might need to add a thermal treatment or weather-stripping to your newly installed windows.
  • Condensation: Moisture or frost might form inside your aluminum windows. It is possible to fix this problem by using a non-conductive material between your window panes.

Window Contractor You Can Trust in the San Francisco CA Bay Area

We offer great service and a free consultation and window replacement in the entire Bay Area. We also have aluminum frame windows and doors in a wide variety of styles for both residential and commercial installations. And don’t miss out our extensive selection of Patio Doors.

Give us a call today for more details or a quote to update your home with beautiful, economical, and energy-efficient windows.


Window replacement cost depends on the size, shape, number and type of window replacement you choose. The materials, including frame and glass types, will also influence the price. If you decide to replace one or more windows, we will send a consultant to tailor your windows to your preferences and budget. Following the consultation, we’ll provide you with an affordable estimate of the costs for your replacement windows.

You can expect the following benefits from window replacements:

  • Energy savings – Old drafty windows are not very efficient. They allow for thermal transfer which heating and cooling systems must dissipate. Your new windows will prevent this thermal transfer, saving you money on energy bills.
  • More comfortable living: Get rid of drafts and maintain consistent indoor temperatures.
  • Improved property value: When you improve the appearance of your home with new windows, it will become more desirable to buyers.
  • Improve curb appeal: Replacement windows give a building a whole new look, no matter the window type
  • Better security: Modern windows typically include better closures and locks than older windows.
  • Lower maintenance – modern frame materials are easy to maintain, no paint or varnish is required

Low emission windows are built with regular glass with a transparent surface coating. The coating reflects heat away but allows light to pass through. This reduces heat loss or gain, maintaining a more comfortable indoor temperature. Low emission coatings can also block UV rays to help protect your furniture and curtains from sun damage.

The US and state governments offer homeowners tax incentives for energy efficient improvements. External window replacements are among the upgrades that are typically incentivized.

Replacement windows are not always necessary. Very often retrofit windows will do perfectly well. Retrofit windows are less expensive and the installation is quicker and less disruptive. However, if the window frames are rotting or damaged, you may need a full window replacement. Changes to the window size or position also call for replacement windows.

Absolutely! Modern frame materials are easy to maintain, without painting or varnishing.

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