If you’re into fitness for fun, you’ve probably noticed that dance studio mirrors are ubiquitous throughout the fitness industry. Most of us don’t feel our best sweaty and working out, so you could wonder why gym mirrors seem so popular. They actually serve a critical purpose in the studio, so let’s take a look.

Important for form

First of all, it’s important to realize that gym mirrors are not there for vanity or to make you feel bad. If you happen to notice the most swole guy in the gym or the best ballerina in class staring at themselves endlessly, they’re not peacocking. Form is critically important in both dance and fitness activities, and it’s not always easy to tell if you’re using the right form just from the feel of your body or from the perspective of looking down. Having a full bank of mirrors allows the dancer or weightlifter to check in with themselves and make sure they’re performing with good form. Without having to crane, stare, or interrupt their flow, either.

They also are a critical tool in class settings, where they enable the instructor to get a far better picture of a student’s work. This goes double for ‘lead-along’ classes like dance and fitness. Any class setting where movement is performed to the right and left is easier on the student and instructor if they can see their teacher move in the ‘right’ direction. This means either teaching in mirror image, or facing away from the student while observing them in the mirror. This can also reduce the pressure on the student, as they don’t feel like the instructor is staring at them.

Installing gym mirrors safely

This means that dance studio mirrors aren’t just a run-of-the-mill glass. They need to be safely mounted and partially shatterproof. It’s also important that they accurately reflect across a whole room without distortion, so the teacher can see what’s happening. Mounting gym mirrors is a huge (and expensive) task, so it’s usually best to pull in the pros to advise on mountings, systems, and whether the walls need to be reinforced to carry the additional weight.

Dance studio mirrors are a wonderful tool for the physically active, and one that’s worth investing in. so don’t be afraid of them!