Your storefront is your window to the world. More importantly, it’s your customers’ window into yours. If your storefront looks old and jaded, it may be time to update and modernize your business premises with a new contemporary look. Show passing trade that your business is doing well and on-trend with an exterior upgrade you’ll be proud of.

If your shopfront windows are long overdue for an upgrade, consider how trends have changed over the years.

Storefront Materials

Modern architects now include more glass and aluminum in commercial storefronts. It is the flow, clean lines and sleek geometry that give these buildings their modern style and elegance.

Of course, the exterior design should reflect the inside of your business. Here the lighting and displays may also need a little thoughtful redesign.

When choosing the materials for your storefronts, bear in mind energy cost savings. Choose energy-star-rated glass for the best performance. Tinting the glass will control damaging ultraviolet rays and keep things cool in the warm summer months.

Frames come in a range of materials from wood to PVC, vinyl and aluminum. Consider the durability, cost and architectural design of your building when choosing the frames for the storefronts.

Secure Your Storefronts

Glass storefronts can fit any application configured to suit the apertures. When it comes to security, there are also a host of alternatives for access control. Choose from a variety of automatic or standard closers. Customize handles and add locks or alarms to keep the premises safe.

Laminated glass will keep intruders out. The resin layer between the glass panes will ensure that the storefronts withstand forceful blows.

Make your business stand out. Draw the attention of passers-by with storefronts that show your contemporary style and attention to detail. Advertise your merchandise with beautiful displays to grow your business and your profitability.