Storefront Doors & Windows

While we offer full storefront window and door installation, replacements or repair, we also can assist with a comprehensive range of other commercial glass services. Do you need storm windows or insulated glass? We can help!

Storefront windows and larger storefront doors are very vulnerable to adverse weather events, simply due to the expanse of glass involved. For this same reason, storefront windows can also be incredibly energy-inefficient, allowing heat to easily escape in winter and ambient heat to keep indoor temperatures high in summer. Insulated glass offers you a long-term investment that will keep your store or office cool in summer, warm in winter, and help keep mounting electricity costs under control. It’s a win-win all around!

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Commercial Storefront Doors

While we don’t think of them often, your storefront door can be a key part of what attracts people to your business. What helps create that key first impression about your business? Your glass storefront- acres and acres of what should be gleaming, clean, and well styled glass. Would cracked storefront doors, streaky and dirty commercial glass, and a dingy, flaking storefront door pull you into the shop? Of course not. Luckily you have Roxy Glass on your side!

From simple repairs to keep the approach to your business spic-and-span, through complete remodels that won’t disrupt your staff and customers, our professionals will help you create the image you need to ensure your business thrives.


Secure storefront doors for customer safety

How do storefront doors differ from other industrial and commercial doors? Primarily, it’s in the security features. This isn’t just the entryway for your clients, but also a key access point to your stock and staff. Aluminum storefront doors are the most common choice, as it’s a very light and easy-to-handle door frame while remaining strong.

Large expanses of glass allow visibility for customers. Typically, tempered or safety glass is used to offset any risk, and it’s common to add features like security bars or a roll-down security screen for use after-hours. They are durable and heavy duty, designed to last for many years.


Aluminum or wood storefront doors?

Glass storefront doors are a given, but which frame type is best? Aluminum is, by far, the industry standard, for the reasons we outlined above. Storefront glass can also be installed in wood frames, however. Solid core wood is durable, but very heavy. They’re also better as an internal door, as they weather much faster than aluminum. In order to be ADA-compliant, a storefront door can’t be heavier than 8.5 pounds, and that’s near impossible to achieve with wood.

Steel doors can be durable, but have a small window lite and cannot take full storefront glass, making it non-ideal. While this can be worked around, aluminum remains the best choice for storefront glass doors. It can also be anodized into a variety of attractive colors for long-term visual appeal, where wood and steel storefronts have to be painted.

More than just storefront door repair

Do you feel like your image badly needs that refresh? We can help you source and install storefront doors to complement your business, or help you with a wide range of design techniques to display your name, logo, and any other information your customers need at their fingertips. From traditional sandblasting to ultra-modern graphic transfers, we’ll help you find the solution you need.

Of course, today we can’t merely install glass storefront doors and leave it at that. Every business needs watertight security to ensure your customers and staff stay safe, not to mention protect your business outside of working hours. We can assist with both fire-resistant and bulletproof commercial glass options, giving you greater peace of mind.

While hurricanes aren’t a typical concern in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can also provide hurricane-impact rated safety glass to help ward off adverse weather concerns and provide a measure of reassurance against protesters and even accidental chips and cracks.

Secure solutions that help you keep your commercial glass compliant and legal

We also offer full tempered safety glass installations. This unique glass, which breaks into safe, small, pieces if shattered, and will also mostly remain within the frame instead of spreading across the floor, helps prevent injuries and stock damage in the event of window damage. In many areas, safety glass can be compulsory for large or deep shop front windows, aluminum storefront doors in use by the public, or commercial glazing where pedestrian traffic is heavy, and it can be a key part of bringing your business up to code.

Laminated glass, which is built differently to safety glass but covers some of the same aspects, is a common feature of upper stories or in skylights. It is similar to the glass used in many vehicle windshields, and is designed to ‘hang together’ when broken instead of fragmenting into pieces, making it safer for people involved and an easier cleanup. While it can be an unnecessarily pricey addition to storefront glass where tempered glass will do, it has a range of commercial uses and should be on every business owner’s radar.


Commercial Glass Solutions for Any Problem

Of course, not all commercial glazing is a glass storefront door or window! From glass privacy screens to help your customers, using mirrors for practical purposes or as a design feature, right through to enclosing reception areas for your staff’s safety, there’s many applications for commercial glass.

Glass is also a spectacular way to enhance the way your property looks and feels. In turn, this raises your profile and enhances first impressions with clients. On the practical side, glass also plays a key role in drive-thru and service windows, where you need to balance the space available with both practicality and looks.

Our team will work with you to help you find the perfect solution for your business needs, no matter what they may be. Our exhaustive knowledge of the industry can be leveraged to help you make the best of your business space.

Your Bay Area Commercial Glass Specialists

From small to large, we’re here to help. Whether you need our emergency commercial glass repair services or have planned installations, updates, and remodeling in mind, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you already know what you need, why not request a quote for a free estimate today?

The Roxy Glass team is fast and professional, so our experts have you covered no matter what. Fully insured and licensed for commercial glass work throughout the state, we can help you get the immaculate service you’ve been looking for, from the first quote to the installation and beyond. We have decades of experience in the glass work arena, and our certified professionals will have you up and running without a hitch, no matter what you need done.


A broad range of commercial glass services

If you need commercial glass replacement or repair, Roxy Glass can help! Our range of services include:

  • Storefront window replacement and repair
  • Commercial windows and sliding doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Mirrors for gyms, bars, and studios
  • Serving Windows and drive-thru windows
  • Skylights
  • Storefront doors, including sliding, swing, and specialty options
  • Commercial window and door frames
  • Reception areas and enclosures
  • Storm windows and doors
  • Glass film
  • Commercial table tops
  • Wooden, steel, and aluminum frame installations and repairs
  • Float and flat commercial glass projects
  • Security glass and bulletproof glass
  • Glass work for commercial entrances
  • Decorative commercial glass

Hardware Repair and Replacement

Not everyone wants the cost and disruption of a full storefront door or window replacement. We’re proud to offer you our very best commercial glass repair services, helping you to find a pocket-friendly solution to your problems. While sometimes a complete replacement of your shop front door or windows can’t be helped, we will work hard to help make sure you don’t have to spend more than you have to help your store look great and run well.

Emergency Commercial Glass Repair

Storefront windows rarely break during business hours when it’s convenient for you! Roxy Glass is proud to offer you a 24/7 commercial glass repair service that’s there when you need it most. Our skilled and professional team will help you remove dangerous shards, perform an emergency boarding, and set up a business-hours full repair for the damage at a time that suits you.

Do you need quality commercial glass repairs or new installations? Our track record speaks for itself. Why not get in touch with the helpful Roxy Glass team today, and let’s chat about how we can help you!

Fast professional service, done right the first time

Even the highest quality commercial glass will wear out after decades in use. Whether the glass is cracked or chipped, the mountings and design are dated, or your shopfront windows simply look dull and grimy, our industry-leading team is here to help you recreate your business image at a price you’re happy to pay.

We know that sometimes you just can’t wait for a contractor to get to your job, especially in an emergency. That’s why we’ve made it our pledge to provide fast, efficient service with professional results, no matter what you need.

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