New storefront doors and windows for a business can do marvels for your business image. Glass has a way of updating a building or store, giving it an updated and refreshed appearance.

Your storefront windows welcome customers and invite them in. Are your storefront doors and windows doing your business justice?

Like the rest of your business, your storefront doors and windows need to reflect a positive image of your business. Your business should stand out, and for all the right reasons.

Your store’s windows are even more crucial if you’re a retailer. They should display your products in their best light and encourage prospective buyers to come in. Nevertheless, there are other factors to consider before choosing and installing new storefront windows and/or doors.

Potential Issues when Considering New Storefront Doors and Windows

You’ll want to consider a few important issues before choosing the best storefront windows and doors for your business, including:

• Sun damage – the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause substantial damage to certain materials such as fabrics and wood. Strong sun may cause them to fade or break down over time. Consider having an expert apply UV protection to your storefront doors and windows to safeguard any products you wish to display.

• Security – large storefront windows can improve your business by displaying your products well, and security glass can protect them and keep intruders out. A protective film can minimize any mess if they should be broken, intentionally or otherwise.

• Heat and Energy Conservation – though the main idea of large glass windows is to invite the sunshine in and make the interior of the business lighter and brighter, direct sunlight also creates a lot of heat. You can mitigate this issue by selecting double glazed and low-E glass.

Large bright storefront windows and doors can make a huge difference to the appearance and attractiveness of your business.

If you’ve decided to install new storefront doors and/or windows, discuss your options with a professional installer like Roxy Glass. We’re happy to help and it’s always best to discuss any and all prospective issues upfront.