Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are probably the most common type of home patio doors, and the good news is that they can also be an attractive and affordable choice. The current selection of materials and looks are not the doors commonly found on your parents’ home. Models are now available that offer more natural light and can even look like French doors with mullioned windows. The current selection of sliding glass doors are easy to open and close and offer advanced locking mechanisms to offer superior safety over a standard wooden door. A typical wooden door located in your back yard could be easily pried open by intruders.

Sliding glass doors can also save you time and money over installing French doors with the requirements of swing openings for interior or exterior openings. Whether you are replacing or installing new sliding patio doors, research can help you decide on the perfect pair to help stay within your budget and give you the look you want.

Sliding Glass Doors
Living room

Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Door for Your Patio

There are many available options when you are ready to install a new sliding patio door or replace your current one. Do you want a wooden door with a vinyl exterior, a wooden door with a fiberglass exterior, or a wooden door with an aluminum exterior? Each of these comes with pluses and minuses, and the more you know the greater chance that you will end up with the best choice for your needs.

Contemporary Style or Traditional Style Sliding Glass Doors

The sliding patio doors of today can be customized by simply ordering from the many options available. Do you want to have mullioned panels, or perhaps you would like them to have blinds between the glass. This is a very popular choice because it gives you the ease of light control without constant cleaning needed.

Contemporary Style Sliding Glass Doors
Sliding Glass Door Feature

Easy to Open is the Best Sliding Glass Door Feature

People today love the idea of having French Patio doors, until they discover what their local building codes require for exterior doors. Many communities require a large swing ratio and a corresponding cement slab to accommodate the legal building requirements. When you decide to use a sliding glass door, you do away with all of the expense of installing new French doors. A beautiful glass door helps bring light into any interior room, and the installation should also include good weather-stripping to help make the door more energy efficient. Beautiful to look at, easy to open, and energy efficiency makes a sliding patio door a good choice for most homeowners.

Wood, Vinyl or Aluminum Sliding Glass Door?

Vinyl sliding patio doors could be the most affordable and easiest to maintain, but many opt for aluminum that is usually accompanied by a popular price point. Sliding glass patio doors are preferable to old fashioned hinged doors that let in air and moisture and are not as energy efficient. Vinyl sliding patio doors offer very smooth operations and can come in a variety of colors. Our company always offers a free consultation so we can help you decide on what is the best option and the best price for your project.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Door

A Beautiful Design is just the Beginning

Most homeowners have an image of what they want when installing new or replacement sliding patio doors. The end result can be attractive, let in more natural light, help keep the elements at bay and be more secure than a typical outside door. It all comes down to the choice of the sliding doors and the company that installs them. Popular patio doors can make a small, narrow kitchen appear brighter and more spacious, or bring the outdoors inside your family or great room. A properly installed patio door can be operated by a small child, or made secure by engaging the lock. The wonderful thing is this is your choice for how this project will look. Whether you want a contemporary or more traditional look for your home, choose sliding glass doors that you like to ensure the best result.

Sliding Glass Pet Doors

Pet Doors can also be an option

Most homeowners are not aware that including an appropriate pet door in your new or replacement sliding patio doors is possible. Whether for a cat or a dog, different sizes are available. Most can be locked and unlocked to ensure there will be no unwanted nocturnal visitors. Keep this option in mind when choosing your glass doors.

Sliding Glass Doors Allow Easy Indoor and Outdoor Access

Nothing is easier than simply sliding your durable glass patio doors open or closed. Some models are so easy to open that you can literally do it with one finger. Choose from vinyl, aluminum or wood construction knowing that they can update both the inside and the outside of your home. Deciding on a glass patio door is easy, picking the style and the features can be hard. Be sure and look for a licensed installer to make sure you are guaranteed the proper fit and energy conservation built into the unit. An improperly installed door can be a headache for years to come. A premier installation company should give you an estimate in writing as well as a warranty for the products they use. These products are extremely durable and when properly installed should last for years to come.

Sliding Door Outdoor Access
Maintenance Free Sliding Glass Door

Choose a Maintenance Free Sliding Glass Door

Few items can state that they are relatively maintenance free, but choosing the proper vinyl sliding patio doors is right at the top of the list. A simple washing can bring your doors back to their initial beauty, and you can enjoy them all over again. Choosing a set of sliding glass doors that do not require constant painting or touch ups is a big plus for most homeowners.

Mullioned Windows Mimic French Doors

One of the most popular looks today is installing French Doors in an existing home. Unfortunately, it can be a more expensive endeavor than most homeowners realize. The actual swing radius of a French Door could require installing a cement patio or steps depending on your local building codes. A very popular choice is installing the look of French Doors using glass sliding doors. Have the look and feel of genuine French doors for an affordable cost.

French Doors


Sliding glass doors are often the easiest patio doors to break into. safeguard your home by getting professionals to install high-quality locking mechanisms on your sliding glass doors. Keep your assets safe and sound with secure locks and a professional installation.

Your sliding door track needs occasional maintenance. Clean the track from time to time to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. A damaged track and broken rollers will also affect the door’s maneuverability. These are repairable. Call the professionals for general service and repairs.

Your sliding door tracks need occasional cleaning. Here’s how to do it.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean away dust and loose debris.
  • Use a stiff brush to loosen any dirt and grime. Be careful not to scratch the paint.
  • Vacuum again to remove the loosened dirt.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth with your cleaning solution to give the track a final clean.
  • Dry the track completely with a soft cloth.

There are three main types: single slider (one panel moves), double slider (two panels slide), and three-panel slider.

Modern sliding windows with low-e coatings, double or triple-paned glass, and good weatherstripping are energy-efficient so you can save on your utilities.

Bi-fold doors open the entire wall by folding back into a concertina. This increases outdoor access. Sliding glass doors always have a closed section.  Sliding doors are generally cheaper and take less room since they need no stacking or opening area. Which is better depends on your home and circumstances.

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