If you’ve ever set foot in a commercial gym, you’ve probably noticed the mirrors. While you may have assumed they are there for vanity purposes, the truth is far from it! Gym mirrors serve some critical purposes in training- the question is whether your home gym needs them too?

What do gym mirrors actually do?

So if they’re not there to check out your butt as you squat, what are mirrors actually there for? In fact, gym mirrors are designed to be used as a critical feedback tool, especially in the weight room. As we’re sure you know, poor form leads to injury. Yet it’s very difficult to track your own form. No problem if you have a personal trainer or a well-educated spotter, but what if you’re working out alone or your spotter doesn’t have the savvy to provide that level of critique?

You look in the mirror, that’s what! As you’re able to look straight ahead, you can maintain good form and spinal alignment. Yet you can still receive key visual feedback on what you’re doing, and how well you are doing it. In a gym set-up, they also help instructors teach classes effectively, but that’s not an issue you will have at home.

Does my home gym need a mirror?

As you can see, getting some form of visual feedback on your workout can be invaluable. Some home gymers like to record their workouts to scrutinize later. It’s a fantastic tool to make new gains, but doesn’t have the real-time feedback of a mirror. And it’s in that real-time space that injuries occur, too.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be able to dedicate a full space to your home gym, then we would urge you to consider sealing the deal with a gym mirror. You don’t need to go to the extent of a commercial gym and dedicate an entire wall to it. But see if there’s a space near the weight bench where you can safely install a wall-mounted mirror to help you get the best out of your workouts.

Gym mirrors are a valuable feedback tool every weight room should have, whether it’s at home or in the gym.