Gym Mirrors Help to Brighten Your Gym, Dance Studio, Yoga Studio or Spa

Installing a gym mirror in your business or home visually expands the space, making it appear larger and brighter instantly. Glass or acrylic mirrors reflect both natural and artificial lighting and can completely transform the look and appearance of any room.

Certain types of businesses traditionally use large mirrors, including professional gyms, yoga or dance studios, or any business that has exercise rooms, workout areas or other active spaces where it’s helpful for people to see how you’re doing.

gym mirrors

Commercial and Home Gym Mirrors

We can custom cuts glass gym mirrors to meet all your home or commercial mirror needs. We laser-level our mirrors and mirror walls to ensure that they are truly optically flat and level and will consequently look their best and last the longest.

Most walls aren’t truly square or level and an inappropriately installed wall mirror will show that. We use appropriate safety backing and mirror adhesive for glass mirrors and we take the extra effort when installing your framed or frameless mirror for optimal positioning.

Large Mirrors for Gyms, Spas or Dance Studios

Gym Mirrors can be installed in any type of business, and mirror size can vary according to the space and need from large gym mirrors to a smaller wall mirror for a home dance studio.

Whether you just want to enhance your current office so it can be used as a gym, or you want to expand the spaciousness of a commercial gym, a gym wall mirror can make a great addition and can feel like you’re stepping outside for a well deserved break. It’s also a great way to bring more sunlight into your place of business.

home gym mirrors

Gym Mirrors are especially beautiful and equally functional in:

  • Commercial gyms
  • Home gyms
  • Dance studios
  • Yoga studios
  • Spas
  • Or anywhere people want or need to see themselves practicing, performing or working out

Homes Benefit from Home Gym Mirrors

One of the most important aspects of working out in your home gym is visually assessing the form you are using during your practice or workouts. If you are watching a TV exercise program or using a home exercise video, you will want to make sure that your back is in the proper position, as well as your arms and legs and other parts of your body. If you are not properly positioned, you could actually harm yourself instead of gaining a benefit.

A home gym mirror can help you improve your exercise form to be more effective. You don’t need a large gym to go to but can make great progress at home. Using a proper gym mirror is the key to a truly effective workout room.

dance studio mirrors
A perfect set up for a home gym using a double row of gym mirrors

A single gym mirror or a wall of gym mirrors in your home gym will help you improve both your body and your health. By monitoring and adjusting your position and form as you exercise, you can improve results dramatically. That’s a difficult task without a home gym mirror.

You do not need a large home gym to reap benefits as most spaces can be effective with the simple addition of a full height glass mirror or two. Our glass gym mirrors are also available with beveled edges that can further enhance the beauty of your home.

If you have a basement gym with home gym equipment, you might be pleasantly surprised by what a difference bringing more natural light into this space can make. Using a wall mounted gym mirror can make the room appear lighter and more useful. If your room is dark and dingy you might find yourself coming up with reasons to avoid the experience.

Gym Mirrors Can Help Set the Atmosphere for a Professional Spa

The first word that comes to mind for a day at the Spa is relaxation. If you own a spa, you want to make your customers visit so relaxaing and memorable that they will become regulars. Having beautiful custom glass gym mirrors and mirror walls helps you achieve the relaxing ambiance that you are looking for.

A Glass Mirror Can Complement Candles and Other Lighting

Do you use candles in your spa? The flames can be beautifully reflected in your choice of custom a glass mirrors or a full mirror wall. Allow us to show you what your options are by calling for an appointment today. Your place of business can become so compelling that your customers will return again and again- or maybe not want to leave at all! All with the simple addition of some beautiful glass mirrors with professional installation. Consider having the edges bevelled to make them even more appealing.

Gym mirrors in a workout room
Both Dance Studios and Spas can benefit from the addition of a gym mirrored wall

Yoga Studios also Benefit from Custom Gym Mirrors

Most of us have seen TV shows that have scenes in a yoga studio, and the one thing yoga studios have in common is a gym mirror wall. Watching the instructor in the large mirrors and seeing how he/she performs an exercise allows the customer to more easily replicate it.

If you own a yoga studio that does not include a custom gym mirror, you may want to consider what one could do for your business and the appearance of professionalism. The simple addition of a reflecting wall of mirrors in your studio can enhance your aesthetic and improve your customers’ experience.

Competition for yoga students can be fierce and the beauty of your studio can only help you attract new students. We offer a free estimate that details the cost and estimated timeframe to complete your project. Our affordable costs just might surprise you and you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Home Gym Mirror Options

Your master bathroom is your oasis, and nothing will enhance it more than a beautiful wall mirror behind your vanity or on another wall. Older homes with small bedrooms or dining rooms can also use larger wall mirrors to make those spaces appear both larger and brighter.

You might consider placing a mirror behind your bed to make your master appear larger. Mirrors are also excellent for reflecting the light and bringing in more sunshine. If your rooms are dark and gloomy, adding a custom gym mirror can help.

Imagine the uses for gym mirrors in your home gym
Gym Mirror Walls expand any space and make it appear brighter

Gym Mirrors Can Visually Help Expand Your Space

If your place of business is smaller than you would like but your budget doesn’t allow for relocation, consider how our custom designed and installed gym mirrors could help make your space seem larger. It is definitely cheaper than a move, and you can even add details such as beveled edges. You are limited only by your imagination when you consider the look and feel you would like for your business. Since the first impression of a customer is so important, make sure that your customer finds you office or commercial space welcoming , professional and beautiful. The use of beveled mirrors can help you achieve the desired look.

A Wall of Gym Mirrors is Cheaper than Moving

If your customers frown when they enter your place of business, you know you need to make improvements to enhance your space. Moving is expensive and time consuming, not to mention the extra costs of new business cards, stationary and notifying all of your customers of the change. Some of them will never find you and there is certainly a cost to that. But adding a glass mirror wall can make it nicer for them and better for both you and your employees.

Large mirrors can enhance and expand your current space
Designing using a wall of mirrors

Dance Studios Benefit By Installing a Wall of Gym Mirrors

Dance studios have benefitted for years by utilizing Mirror Glass Walls. From the beginning student to the most advanced, they all benefit from watching their performance in a beautiful custom mirror. The instructor can position their back, arm or leg correctly, allowing the student to follow their reflection in one of the wall mirrors.

FREE Estimate for Custom Gym Mirrors

Roxy Glass is committed to providing quality work along with outstanding customer service. That said, we offer a FREE estimate for your gym mirror project. We come to your place of business, listen to your ideas, and give you an accurate quote for the project and the approximate length of time it will take to complete it. You’ll never have to worry about additional costs when work is complete because we know the job, we know our materials, and we know what it costs to complete it.

Gym Mirrors define your home workout area
Brighten up your business with gym mirrors

Our Glass and Mirror Guarantee

As a leader in the glass industry in the Bay Area for more than 40 years, we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for all of our glass, mirrors and installation work. Because we only use the highest-quality products available and all of our technicians are extremely skilled and talented, we stand behind everything that we do. If you need help with design ideas, our designers will help you create exactly the look you want.

Call for a Free Onsite Gym Mirror Quote

Whether you have a single wall you want to be mirrored or want to install multiple gym mirrors in various rooms, we’ve got you covered. We can handle any size job to bring your project vision to life. Call us today to see what having gym mirrors installed in your home or business can do for you. We also can provide design ideas and inspiration so that your project will not only become a reality but will exceed your expectations.

Mirrors are a great design element for all types of commercial buildings and professional offices. If you are ready to explore how adding a mirror wall to your Bay Area business, give Roxy Window Glass a call today for your free, no obligation quote.

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