San Jose Glass Railings

Roxy Glass offers various types of glass railings, including glass deck railings, glass stair railings, glass balcony railings, and glass panels for various uses. Glass railing ideas can help you decide which of these systems might be perfect for your commercial or residential project.

Glass Deck Railings

Glass deck railing systems can be an affordable decision when you are looking to repair an existing railing or install a new one. Glass railings allow you to take full advantage of a view without encumbrance and yet effectively protect children and pets from danger. Especially effective for an upper deck or patio, tempered glass railings or panels can be used to make them even more secure and safe.

Using a glass railing can enhance your view without blocking it
Glass railings allow your backyard beauty to be seen from all angles

Traditional deck railings use a post system and what amounts to a wooden fence that will likely restrict your backyard view. Decks are highly useful and desirable, but they should be designed with both safety and beauty in mind. Glass railings are often an excellent choice, especially to show off a beautiful view.

Many homeowners spend significant time and money to purchase property with a view. Don’t diminish it by having an installation of a wooden railing. Tempered glass railings have an excellent history for being safe and maintenance free while allowing clear views of the surrounding area.

If you are a homeowner with a beautiful backyard oasis, you want it to be clearly visible from your deck. Using glass railings or panels is often a better choice rather than an opaque wooden fence or railing. A tempered glass railing can help to prevent pets or small children from falling through openings in wooden railings while still optimizing your view. Whether you are repairing a wooden railing or installing new railings, you may want to consider using a glass railing instead.

Glass Stair Railings

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner with open stairways, a glass railing system might be a great option for you. A tempered glass railing is incredibly strong and durable, but its most important feature is the safety it offers. If you have customers or visitors with small children, a solid glass railing for your stairs can help to prevent them from falling off the edge. They also help your stairway look more open, inviting, and attractive.

Clear glass stair railings are a perfect solution for both safety and appearance

Typical banisters used in staircases can require significant maintenance to remain secure. A glass railing system can remain extremely secure and require little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning of the glass. Most people have had experience with gripping a banister railing while going up or down stairs only to find it moving beneath their hands. That does not inspire confidence in either your business or your residence.

Glass Railing Panels

The decision to use glass panels either for commercial or residential use can be a very easy one. Glass railing panels offer many design uses, can be either traditional or modern, and be very easily maintained. Tempered glass is the most common choice, especially for safety and appearance. No one wants a glass that will scratch, break or shatter, especially around pets or children.

There are many spaces both in the home or commercial office that need to offer privacy. Choose the appropriate size, shape and design of glass railing panels or partitions that meets your requirements.

Glass panels or partitions have multiple uses
Using glass panels or partitions can create an office space for commercial or residential use

Glass Railings and Panels from Roxy Glass

Roxy Glass Company has many years of experience with glass railings and panels. We can help you with design ideas, give written estimates for both the cost and estimated installation time, and let you know what warranty might be available. All of these features can help make your decision easier.

Whether you are a homeowner needing to install a home office or a business owner looking to add additional office spaces for your employees, clear glass railings, panels or partitions could well be the best and most cost effective solution for you. Glass panels can also create an attractive lunch or cafeteria space for your employees. The size of the space is easily modified to fit your needs, and most glass systems can be adapted to fit any design layout.

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