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One of the long term results of the recent pandemic has been the number of employees working from home. Most homes do not come complete with a formal office used for Zoom calls to keep in touch. Adding a glass partition wall can help upgrade your home office without doing a major re-model.

Businesses are also finding a need to upgrade their office spaces to keep their current employees happy and productive. For many businesses using glass partition walls can offer both privacy and openness – both desirable qualities.

Glass Wall Partitions are Attractive, Private and Affordable

Determining Your Needs for Glass Walls

Glass partition walls can solve many needs for businesses today. They are modern and attractive, bringing in light to a workspace while still providing much needed privacy. Many businesses today need comfortable and productive offices for their employees. Glass office walls can provide an airy and open concept design while giving employees the privacy they need. Whether they are used for management, a sales team, a call center, or any other function, glass office wall separators can be the best answer for a modern workspace.

Create More Private Workspaces Without a Major Re-Do

Businesses in the 21st century are finding answers to their problems without the requirement of demolition or major expenditures. Need more offices? Install multiple glass cubicles. One of the advantages of using glass partition walls is bringing in private office areas while making the area seem larger and brighter. Sheetrock walls enclose an office space, while glass walls expand the space. There is also the added light provided by walls of glass, making an employee happier and more productive. Lowering the stress level while increasing productivity is truly a win-win situation.

Don’t Move – Remodel!

Businesses today are faced with many problems- keeping their top employees, expanding to take advantage of growth, and adding to the bottom line of profit. What is truly amazing is that remodeling your current office space instead of moving can help with all of these areas.

First off, moving is a chore. No matter what the choices are, you need new everything that has your name, contact info, and specs. If your current location is large enough, consider the savings of remodeling versus moving. A remodel using glass walls can be done without major disruption to your business or employees. Many businesses rely heavily on phone contact with their customers, and glass partition walls help provide adequate sound proofing between office areas. The transparency of glass also lets in more natural light and more expansiveness for your employees. No one wants to work in a box that makes them feel separate from their fellow workers. Bring the light in and see the natural results.

It can be overwhelming to a business owner faced with the growing needs of his company. He needs to retain his highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, provide them with enhanced office and conference spaces, and cut down on the remodeling expenses he is facing. How rewarding it is when he or she realizes that glass dividers can solve all of these issues.

Not all glass divider systems go to the ceiling
Safety first with glass railings

Glass walls help to achieve visual privacy for top salesmen to remain at the top of their game. These simple wall systems helps to maximize space while creating additional work area. The contemporary designs can accommodate as many private spaces as you require. When paired with sleek designs, these glass offices have so many options that it will be difficult for you to choose!

Glass is useful for railings as well as walls

For a clean cut and contemporary office, be sure and consider using glass railings. It enables your employees and customers to have a clear 360 degree view in front and back. Units are easy to clean and can have a matte metal top to help eliminate fingerprints. We have literally thought of everything for your office and business glass needs.

Maximize your work area with minimum wall height

Not every glass wall office or conference room needs to be wall to wall glass. Use the height perfect for your needs. Reducing the over-all square footage of your glass partition wall coverage will help reduce your materials cost. For a conference room, you might determine that you need coverage to the very top of the ceiling. You might also decide that for an individual sales office coverage of 5′ is all you require. Working with an experienced glass company will help ensure your particular needs will be met, within a budget you can afford, and a timeline for completion that works for you. All in all, a tru win win scenario.

Residential uses for glass walls and partitions

Residential wall systems to create privacy between spaces

Most of the applications that we have discussed using glass partition walls have been commercial. There are an equal number of residential uses for your home.

More employees are now working from home, and it has been useful to break up some of the great room or family room spaces to provide a private work/office area. The glass walls help break up the space without making the room darker. Privacy is assured while maintaining the open air design that is so popular. Glass home offices also can be designed with acoustics so that phone calls or zoom calls can remain private.

Glass walled rooms can also separate a kitchen or dining area from the common or family room. Choosing the proper company for providing and installing the best choice will help determine if your project is successful or not. Most companies will provide you with a written estimate, and let you know what warranty exists on the products and installation. Tempered glass is made to last and retain their good looks for years to come. Tempered glass is also safer to use in homes with children and pets.

Glass Partition Walls Remain Flexible for Both Commercial and Residential Use

There are few building materials as useful in both residential and commercial as the glass partition walls. They can be used in breaking down large residential rooms (such as a family room or a great room) or used in commercial spaces with a need to break down a larger room into individual offices. Since the wall systems can be built using a simple frame, they can be put up quickly and less expensive than traditional remodeling. It is imperative that you use a company with experience in using fixed glass solutions. They can give you a written estimate for both the cost and the estimated completion of the job.

An experienced glass company can also help with your design ideas, such as using a top horizontal glass transom or a vertical glass sidelight. Many of these items can greatly enhance the finished look of your project and be very cost effective.

Some Classic examples of vintage transoms and sidelights

Glass Room Dividers

Glass room dividers can be either modern or traditional and useful in breaking up large residential or commercial spaces. Since more employees and business owners are choosing to work from home, establishing a home office using clear glass room dividers could be an expert solution to fixing the problem. Using a glass room divider can cut down on foot traffic and help establish an acoustic area helpful to using a phone or zoom call. Anyone who has tried to work from home with small children around knows the importance of privacy and keeping the noise level down.

If you need additional privacy, consider using frosted glass panels. Even if they are only frosted midway, it can help give your home office more privacy.

Glass partitions are also very useful in commercial office spaces. Companies that have a need for more individual offices can create them easily using a glass wall system to divide a large space into smaller units.

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