Windows that are well looked after should last for decades. Yet, there comes a time when you will have to consider retrofit window replacements.

Time to Replace Your Windows with Retrofit Windows

These are the signs that your windows are due for replacement:

• Increased Energy Costs – Have your windows become drafty, allowing the cool air in? According to drafty windows can increase your energy costs for heating and cooling by 10% to 20%.

• Difficult to Open – Rain and sunshine can warp window frames, making them hard to open. Make sure that the window isn’t stuck due to excess paint. It is also likely that the spring may have failed or the cord broke in which case you can repair it.

• Visible Rot – signs of rot like soft patches or discoloration on your frames or sashes, is a sign that there is water where there shouldn’t be. If you can’t repair it, it may be time to replace it with a retrofit window.

• Moisture between the panes – condensation between the double or triple glazed glass is a sure sign that moisture has breached the seal.

• Broken muntins and/or mullions – these are the pieces of wood that separate the glass. Sometimes windows have simulated muntins and mullions for effect. If this is the case the only way to fix the problem is to replace the window.

What Can You Repair?

Windows take some looking after and there is much damage that you can repair rather than replacing the window. These include repairing the broken panes, fixing sashes and minor water leaks. You can even repair broken or damaged exterior window casing and damaged muntin’s and mullions on single-pane windows.

New windows make any house look better, improving the curbside appeal and the property value. Retrofit windows ensure a quick and easy replacement process.