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For many homeowners, getting the right patio doors to complement their backyard areas and create a space with the warmth of home and the beauty of nature is very important.

While you may be most familiar with sliding glass doors and French doors, there are numerous other options and many energy efficient and beautiful styles to choose from. All are available in a range of materials that offer great security and ease of maintenance.

What Should I Look For in my Patio Door?

What makes a great patio door?

As with modern windows, many customers want patio doors with outstanding energy efficiency that allows them to enjoy the light and beauty of big areas of glass without suffering on their heating bill for it. While energy efficiency and big panels of glass for a patio door haven’t traditionally gone hand-in-hand, there’s plenty of modern options you can explore.

If you’re using a swing style, you want a door that moves effortlessly and supports its weight. You want a long life, with minimal maintenance needs. Plus, you want the aesthetics and style you need to complement your home.

It’s time to think beyond vinyl and wood, too. There’s a huge range of modern frame options to enjoy, and you’re sure to find the perfect match to your property. Many offer a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind too. Of course, security features matter, and you want to know your chosen doors will be as unattractive to intruders as they are beautiful to guests.

Sliding Glass Doors

While sliding glass doors are one of the oldest types of home patio doors on the market, there’s a reason so many homeowners love the look. Offering more natural light than French doors, they’re breezy and open, while still offering some protection from intruders. The also minimize floor space needed to accommodate door openings, and installation is simple in most standard-size patio doorways.

With the visual appeal of windows, but the practicality and ease of use of a sliding door instead of heavy swing, fantastic stability, and a wealth of styles to enjoy, there’s a reason this design is so beloved for both its performance and good looks.

sliding patio doors
bifold patio doors

Folding glass doors are a great alternative to standard French patio doors, and have the benefit of conserving space across a larger area, too. When closed, you have a bank of glass to enhance your home.

Easily sliding back in panels to allow access to your outdoor space, they make fantastic patio doors, balcony doors, or anywhere else you have a broad space that needs attractive doors that allow light in without occupying too much of the area when open. Plus, there’s no better feeling as a homeowner than flinging open your beautiful bank of glass doors to your patio area and breathing in the fresh morning air!

Multi-Slide Patio Doors

Multi-slide patio doors are a fantastic space-saving option that combine function and beauty. Similar to a standard glass sliding door, but with multiple panels, they are engineered to slide open past each other. Sometimes they can even retract entirely into the wall.

These multi-sliding patio doors offer the perfect balance of aesthetics and design options to maximize smaller or awkward spaces without sacrificing beauty. They also work fantastically for business premises with outdoors areas on offer to their clientele.

Multi-sliding patio doors
Pivot door

Glass Pivot Doors

Glass pivot doors are one of the best kept aesthetic secrets when it comes to door options. These swing open on a pivot. Unlike hinged doors, the pivot point is built closer to the middle of the door, allowing for a vast expanse of beautiful glass. It makes an outstanding choice for entry doors, interior doors, or patio doors

If you’re looking for something with a classic look, but amazing natural light and a little something extra to draw the eye, consider using a glass pivot door. Whether inside the home or as an entrance, it’s a stunning look that will set you apart from the pack.

Sometimes known as a hinged patio door, this style is hinged on both sides and will swing open. They traditionally are built with smaller windows within the door panels, but there’s some new designs with a different aesthetic if you prefer. Wood and vinyl frames are both common.

They offer a great blend of practical design and performance for your home, they can be a great choice where you want glass and light, but need a practical solution for children and pets and low maintenance.

French patio doors with side panels

Get the Perfect Swing or Sliding Patio Door From Bay Area Window Glass

We can help you make your vision a reality with Roxy Glass. Whether you need to replace an existing patio door, a new installation, or maintenance for your home, we offer a wide range of glass services and support. Let us help you achieve your patio door dreams- reach out and connect with us today!

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