As more homeowners add glass to their living spaces, designers respond with ever more beautiful patio doors. Today’s ranges include a host of modern combinations from sliding patio doors to patio folding doors. All ensure seamless flow from the garden into the home, combining style and function.
These doors have become focal design elements in modern homes. Here are the latest trends.

Minimalist Frames

Clean and minimalist designs are all the rage. Homeowners are opting for patio doors with slim, unobtrusive frames. Slim frames maximize the glass area. Frameless doors have also made a debut. The result is more natural light and unobstructed outdoor views.

Large Glass Panels

When it comes to glass panels bigger is better. The trend leans toward expansive, floor-to-ceiling glass. These large glass panels open the home and connect with the outdoors.

Energy Efficiency

Growing environmental concerns and rising energy cost have seen an increase interest in energy-efficient patio doors. Doors with Low-E glass, double or triple glazing, and well-insulated frames are in high demand. Any door, from sliding patio doors to patio folding doors, can accommodate energy efficient technologies.
Eco-conscious homeowners are also turning to sustainable materials for their patio doors. Wood from responsibly managed forests, recycled aluminum, and PVC-free materials are becoming popular choices.

Smart and Integrated Technology

The integration of smart technology into patio doors is well underway. Homeowners can control their doors by touching a button or even using voice commands. Smart features include motorized operation, remote control, and home automation compatibility.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Patio folding doors that can be opened or folded away offer homeowners a fluid connection between their homes and gardens. Corner patio doors join indoor and outdoor spaces, creating elegant spaces.
Patio doors can also create transitional spaces, like outdoor kitchens. In these spaces homeowners can enjoy the outdoors and still find shelter from the elements.

Bold Finishes and Security Features

Homeowners have embraced bold and distinctive finishes that serve as focal points. Options include matte black, brass, and custom hardware to match the overall design theme.
Patio door trends include advanced locking systems, shatter-resistant glass, and reinforced frames.

Find the Patio Doors to Match Your Dream Home

Patio doors shape the character of your home and how you experience indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll have no regrets if you choose the patio doors that suit your décor and lifestyle.