Mirror Walls

Mirrors have a way of reflecting natural light to make any room look and feel bigger and brighter.


Mirror Walls Brighten Gyms, Dance Studios, and Home Gyms

Many commercial and home spaces can benefit from mirror walls. Professional gyms, yoga/dance studios, and home gyms are all places where mirrors can help with form and follow-through.

In addition to allowing people to watch themselves and others as they move, mirror walls also add to the aesthetics of the space. Reflecting natural and artificial lighting in a way that brightens the room and makes it appear larger, mirror walls are the perfect addition to bring the space to life.


Mirror Walls for Your Professional Gym

California Bay Area Glass uses advanced technology and expertise to custom cut mirror glass to fit your professional gym needs. Knowing that most walls are anything but square or level, we laser cut the mirror glass and install it so that any imperfections in the wall are literally undetectable.

Are you thinking of adding mirrors to a single wall? Perhaps gym mirrors on multiple walls make more sense. Either way, California Bay Area Glass can tackle the job. Big or small, bringing your vision to life is what we do. If you’re not sure where to start, we can offer design ideas and show you photos from some of our previous gym mirror installations for inspiration. We strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them!

Spa and Dance Studio Mirror Walls, Gym Mirror Walls, Home Gym Mirrors

Mirror walls aren’t just for professional gyms. They enhance the beauty and spaciousness of many different types of commercial and residential settings. They are a great addition, bringing more light into your home or place of business.

Mirror Walls are Especially Beautiful and Helpful in:

  • Home gyms
  • Dance studios
  • Yoga studios
  • Professional gyms
  • Dimly lit or small spaces
  • Anywhere people need to see themselves as they perform activities

How Home Gym Mirrors Help with Workouts

One of the biggest factors in successfully working out at home is making sure you’re performing the exercises correctly. Incorrect posture or follow-through during exercise can be ineffective or lead to injury.

With a mirror wall or two in your home gym, you can see yourself as you go through the motions, and you’ll be able to spot any issues in your performance and correct them right away to maximize your workout. An added benefit of installing a mirror wall in your home gym is that it will add to the beauty of the space and the value of your home as well. There’s no need to buy an expensive gym membership when you can work out at home in the same manner as you would at a professional gym. Home gym mirrors make that possible.

The Benefits of Custom Mirrors and Mirror Walls in Yoga Studios

If you’ve ever set foot inside a yoga studio or seen one on TV, the first thing you probably noticed was the beautiful mirrors that surround the space. Being able to watch the instructor as he or she goes through the various yoga positions allows class members to mimic his or her movements to get the most out of their workouts.

If your yoga studio doesn’t have a mirror wall, consider having one installed as soon as possible. The addition will give your members a better experience and it’ll make your studio more attractive and functional overall.

When you contact us for our mirror wall services for your yoga studio, we’ll give you a free on-site estimate that outlines the scope of work to be done, the materials to be used, and the time it’ll take to complete the project. At the end of it all, you’ll have beautiful mirrors on your yoga studio walls that’ll brighten the space and invite new customers through your doors.

Mirror Walls for Residential Purposes

Mirrors have a unique way of reflecting light and making any room appear larger and brighter. If your bedroom is small or dimly lit, adding a large mirror over the headboard is a great way to bring the light in.

In the master bath, adding a large mirror wall can make the room an oasis of sorts that you’ll love spending time in to relax and rejuvenate.

And finally, mirrors can transform the look and feel of a less-than-stellar dining room. When placed behind the dining table, a mirror adds a touch of class and interest that’s hard to ignore.

Free On-Site Estimate for Your Mirror Wall Project

California Bay Area Glass has the experience and professionalism you need for your mirror wall installation, We have the knowledge and expertise to complete your mirror project right.

First, we’ll come to your home or business and explore the parameters of the project. We’ll then present you with a complete estimate that tells you what work will be done, what materials will be used, how much everything will cost, and how much time it will take for us to complete the work. There are no surprises when you work with us. We spell it all out in black and white and make sure you agree before any work actually begins.

Expand Your Space with Mirror Walls

Is your office on the small side? Does it feel dim and/or gloomy? If so, adding a mirror wall or two can greatly expand the visual space of the room and make it appear brighter. If there are any windows present, the mirrors will reflect the light, bouncing it around the room to give it more life.

Installing Mirror Walls is Less Expensive than Moving

They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so if your customers look less than enthused when they enter your place of business, you might be entertaining thoughts of moving or making major renovations.

While these are viable options, you have another cheaper, easier solution and that’s installing mirror walls. Having a mirror wall professionally installed in your business may mean that you won’t need to waste time packing and moving. Nor will you need to print new business cards and stationery or notify your customers of the address change. Custom mirror walls with beveled edges can transform your uninspired office into a warm and beautiful space with the least amount of hassle and expense.

Dance Studios and Mirror Walls

Since their inception, dance studios have always featured mirror walls as décor and as a tool of the trade. Mirror walls add to the allure of the place while providing a way for instructors and students alike to watch themselves and each other as they perform their various poses and dance steps.

Your Mirror Project – Our Guarantee

As a premier glass company in the San Francisco Bay Area, we stand behind our work with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. We only use the highest-quality materials, and our glass professionals are so skilled, we aren’t afraid to back our work with a solid guarantee.

Mirror walls are a great design element for nearly every type of commercial space, so if you’re ready to see how they can make your business look and feel brighter and more spacious, give us a call today.