Glass Railings

Glass railings are the ultimate in contemporary design, and Roxy Glass can supply a full range of glass railing systems, from glass deck railings to stair railings and pool railing systems. A glass railing system is safe, affordable, and stylish. Glass is also easy to maintain, requiring little more than an occasional wash to keep it looking as good as new.

Glass Deck Railings – Appreciate the View

Glass railings  for decks will withstand the ravages of outdoor weather and won’t require the same care and attention your wood rails need.

Made from metal and tempered glass panels, glass deck railing systems are designed to last. The beauty of glass will not diminish with time, giving you years of low-maintenance use.

Glass Deck Railings
Glass Deck Railings

Whether you choose framed or frameless glass railings in ultra-clear glass, you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of your garden. Watch your children and pets at play and know that they’re safe. Sip a drink on your deck and enjoy a clear view of your garden. All of this is possible thanks to the transparent beauty of glass.

Glass deck railings are surprisingly safe and secure. Glass panels are installed close to the posts, regardless of which post system you choose. This arrangement leaves no room for large gaps or footholds, so children and pets are safe. They can’t fall through or get stuck in the rails.

When the time comes to upgrade your deck, install glass. It’s a sensible, durable replacement for an old railing system.

Glass Railings for Stairs

Used in residential or commercial environments, glass stair railings are the ultimate in style and sophistication. A glass railing system for stairs is safe and ultra-modern. Known for their durability, glass railings’ low maintenance requirement is a major perk in a public area.

Glass won’t block the light nor obscure your view. A glass railing won’t detract from your decor. Its transparent beauty will match any color scheme or aesthetic. Create the environment you’ve always wanted in your business or home.

Glass Stair Railings
Glass Stair Railings

Typical banisters used in staircases can require significant maintenance to remain secure. A glass railing system will remain extremely secure and require little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning of the glass. Gripping a banister railing while going up or down stairs only to find it moving beneath your hands does not inspire confidence and security in your business or residence.

Call Roxy Glass to discover our range of glass railing systems. Give us a call. We can help you with glass railing ideas and get your project off the ground.

Glass Railing Panels

A glass railing system enhances your space in either a commercial or residential setting. It’s an investment in your property. Glass makes any room look more modern and appealing. The result is that if you choose to list your your property sale, buyers will appreciate the contemporary appeal. They may be willing to spend more on the property, increasing the overall value of your property.

If you’re worried about safety, you shouldn’t be. Glass railings are made from tempered glass, four to five times stronger than regular glass. These panels can fit into a sturdy post system, ensuring the glass railings are always firm and stable. If you choose frameless glass railings, the glass panels are thicker and a little heavier to compensate for the frame strength.

If you like the appearance and sophistication of glass, but prefer more privacy than transparent panes, opt for frosted glass panels. Frosted glass enables maximum illumination without the transparency of clear glass. It’s a great compromise.

Glass panels or partitions have multiple uses
Using glass panels or partitions can create an office space for commercial or residential use

Glass Railings and Panels from Roxy Glass

Roxy Glass has been in the glass business for many years. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and an extensive selection of modern glass products to satisfy almost every construction project.

Whatever your vision, at Roxy Glass we can offer you glass railing ideas to make your dreams a reality. Call us for today for a cost and timing estimate.

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