Railings are more than just functional. These design features have a significant impact on the style of your indoor and outdoor spaces. In the past, property owners had to use traditional railings. Traditional fences and railings obstructed the view, at least to some extent. Today, modern glass railings offer a sleek alternative.

Here are the features to consider when choosing between traditional and glass railings:

Aesthetic Appeal

Traditional railings are made from materials like wood or metal. These railings run the gamut from ornate to minimalistic and clean-cut and many have a classic charm. With the variety of available materials, you can customize your railings to match the décor.

Glass railings have a sleek, modern look. They create an open and airy feel with uncluttered views. Glass fits in with almost every style aesthetic from contemporary to traditional.

Visibility and Light

Traditional railings can obstruct views. They often limit natural light flow and create a more enclosed atmosphere.

Glass railings allow for uninterrupted views and the influx of natural light. They contribute to spaciousness, making rooms feel larger and brighter.


Traditional railings often need regular maintenance. Paint or varnish protects the base material from corrosion and wear but must be replaced from time to time.

Glass railings have low maintenance requirements. Regular cleaning is typically all that’s needed to keep them looking good. Most are made from tempered glass, which is durable and scratch resistant.

Safety and Durability

Traditional railings, especially those made from robust materials like iron or steel, are strong and durable. They provide a solid barrier that can enhance safety.

High-quality tempered glass is remarkably strong and safe. It meets stringent safety standards and can withstand impact. Glass railings also don’t rust or corrode.


Traditional railings are often cost-effective, especially if you choose materials like wood. More intricate designs or premium materials will increase costs.

Glass railings may be more expensive upfront. Still, their durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal may justify the investment over the longer term.

Which Railings are Best for You

The right choice of railings will depend on your style preferences and budget. Many modern homes and businesses are upgrading to glass to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces.