Glass pool fencing adds an elegant sense of luxury to any pool area. It opens up the space, offering end-to-end open views of your garden. It is also safer than pool fences made from other materials because the poolside is never obscured. You can always see when children play at the water’s edge.

Yet, myths about the safety and reliability of glass balustrades persist. This is unfortunate because nothing could be further from the truth. We all know from past experience how fragile glass can be. Still, the application of modern technologies ensures that the glass used for fencing is strong, durable, and, above all, safe. Glass fencing is also quick and easy to install and requires little maintenance.

So, what are the myths surrounding glass fencing?

Myth # 1 Glass Fencing is Fragile

The material used to make glass balustrades is not the same as the fragile glass commonly used in kitchen glassware. The glass fencing panels are tempered. Each panel is run through a furnace. Tempered glass is six times tougher than regular glass. If it should break, it will collapse into a pile of harmless pebbles rather than into sharp and dangerous shards.

Glass balustrades are also made from glass of around ½ an inch or more thick. Together, the mounting hardware and thick, tempered glass create a hardwearing wall that can withstand wind forces of up to 150 miles per hour.

Myth # 2 Glass Pool Fencing isn’t Safe

Glass fencing complies with state safety regulations. The gates are all self-closing and will self-lock. They are the safest fences for families because they don’t obstruct the view of the pool. You can see what the children are up to at all times.

Children can’t climb over the five-foot glass wall. There are no toe-holds. The smooth sides ensure the safest barrier around the pool. Even if your pool has a gap at the bottom, it is small for children to get through.

Install glass pool fencing with confidence. It is one of the safest options on the market today.

Myth # 3 Glass Fencing Needs Ongoing Maintenance

Glass fencing needs next to no upkeep. Unlike other materials, you never have to paint or varnish it. Glass also shrugs off dirt and debris so it is more hygienic. An occasional quick wash with warm water and soap suds is all it takes to keep your glass fencing looking good.

Myth # 4 Glass Pool Fencing Won’t Last

Glass pool fencing is more durable than many other fencing materials. Glass fences won’t rust and they are weather resistant, making them the perfect choice in humid coastal cities, where rust and corrosion create problems.

Glass Fencing is Safe, Strong, and Easy to Maintain

Glass fencing is not just beautiful and very on trend, it is also safe, strong, and easy to maintain. We hope that we have accomplished our myth-busting mission, and that you now have the confidence to install this stylish upgrade to your property.