Your swimming pool is an investment in fun and relaxation for your family, but safety is not negotiable. San Jose, like most cities around the world, has regulations to prevent accidents from happening in and around the pool. San Jose glass pool fences must meet all these requirements. Here are the key points pertaining to San Jose pool fence regulations.

Enclosure Requirements

  • Fence Height:All swimming pools in San Jose must be completely enclosed by a fence, wall, or other permanent barrier. According to the regulations, the enclosure must be at least 60 inches high at all points.
  • Distance from Pool:The fence must be a minimum of four feet from the nearest pool edge.
  • Openings:Any gaps, holes, or spaces between slats must not exceed four inches in any dimension. This requirement includes gates. Glass pool fences are free from gaps. They are climb resistant and the gap at the bottom is very small.

 Gate Regulations

  • Self-Closing and Self-Latching:All gates leading into the pool enclosure must be self-closing and self-latching. The latching mechanism must be at least three and a half feet above the ground.
  • Double Gates with Alarms (Optional but Recommended):Consider installing double gates with self-latching mechanisms on either side. Pool alarms provide extra security.

Other Considerations

  • Building Permits:These regulations apply to all in-ground and above-ground outdoor swimming pools. If you’re unsure about your existing pool fence contact the City of San Jose Department of Building Inspection to find out if it meets current codes. If you have a San Jose glass pool fence, it should meet the current regulatory requirements.
  • Pool Cover and Safety Signage:Though San Jose regulations do not require them, consider using a pool cover when the pool is not in use.

Create a safe, stress-free environment by ensuring that your San Jose glass pool fence meets all regulations.