Folding patio doors can completely transform both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor spaces. They link interior spaces with patios and gardens and open restaurants, cafes and pubs onto sidewalk seating. Interior folding patio doors can separate office spaces and boardrooms and still offer an unbroken view of the space.

How They Work

With panels that compactly fold away, folding patio doors offer seamless access and uninterrupted views of the surrounding areas. Open or closed, these doors bring light right into the room, brightening dark corners. A wall of glass ensures that the daylight is ushered in to illuminate your home or business regardless of whether they’re open or closed.

The size and number of panels in a bi-fold door depend on the space it covers. The number of panes can range from two to seven, catering to almost all aperture sizes. Larger panels offer a better view as there is more glass and fewer mullions. Larger panels do, however, take more space when folded.

The Functional Beauty of Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors are sleek and modern. They are also low maintenance. All they need is the occasional wash with soap and water. These doors take little space and still open a much wider area than sliding doors. The doors stack neatly out of the way. You can choose whether yours stack inside or outside to suit the space. You can also include a traffic door that works like a standard hinged door for quick entry and exit when the doors are closed.

Folding patio doors can be installed flush with the floor so there is no trip hazard as may be the case with sliding doors. They include multiple locking features, ensuring that your property is secure.

Why Choose Folding patio doors?

Folding patio doors are modern and stylish. They are also versatile and will improve the indoor and outdoor appearance of your home. They save space, create space and enhance the family lifestyle. Give us a call to find out how folding patio doors could transform your home or business.

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