Do you need glass repair in San Jose and surrounds? Are you wondering if you need to call a contractor or can do it DIY? Here’s everything you need to know before you pick up the phone.

A job that can be done DIY

Glass repair is, with some exceptions, an easy enough task to tackle DIY, even if you’re not terribly confident with DIY work. However, just because you can doesn’t always mean you should. Here’s a few circumstances where you might want to call in help, even if you could, technically, do the job yourself.

1) You don’t have time
Many of us are very time-starved these days. If you’re watching Fall fritter away and that window crack is still there, it’s time to admit it would be cheaper and quicker to just let a pro handle it

2) It’s a large or decorative window
Replacing a small pane of glass is one thing. Dealing with multi-story curved panes is something quite different. If your pane of glass is larger than you could comfortably hold yourself, it’s probably time to call in the cavalry. Likewise, most decorative glass is best handled by a pro, as you want it to blend well with the remaining glass and they can be difficult to position and lift.

3) It’s a window at a height
Anything above the ground floor should be handled by a contractor who has all the right tools and safety training for the job. Don’t put yourself at risk just for a bit of DIY!

4) You want to!
Don’t forget that owning a home should be rewarding. If you feel bogged down by the work, then let someone help you. There’s no need to suffer through a job you don’t want to do when skilled help is at hand.

There’s plenty of good reasons to get help with your cracked or broken windows. If you’re looking for a reliable San Jose glass company you can trust to get the job done right, feel free to reach out to Roxy Glass today.