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Whether you are a home owner with a broken window or a contractor buiding a glass-front multi-million dollar high-rise, if you need glass in the Redwood City area for any purpose, you have come to the right place.

Our team has been serving the Redwood City area for over 40 years, including over 3 years through Roxy Glass. We pride ourselves on offering services that you can afford, competitive pricing that takes second place to none, and professional designers who employ technological advances to bring your project to life. Our commitment to you is as clear as our glass – if you can imagine it, we can deliver it.

Our state of the art installation techniques can be applied to all glazing needs you might have, from an individual shower door to a curtain wall in a commercial high rise. We strive to not only meet your needs but to exceed them.

  • Residential Window Glass

    Have a broken or leaking window, a shower door that has seen better days, or need a new bay window for your kitchen?

    Give us a call. Estimates are free and we can work with your insurance company.

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  • Commercial Glass Contractor

    We provide professionalism, advanced technology and experience to ensure your commercial glass needs are competitively priced, installed on time, and exacting to your specifications. We also work with general contractors.

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  • Serving the
    Redwood City Area

    Serving the greater Redwood City area, we meet all residential and commercial glass needs with quality work, very completive pricing and timely installation. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Useful Information for Redwood City CA

Redwood City CA was always an important city, as it originated as a port for the transportation of lumber and other building materials which were too bulky and expensive to ship by rail. The fact that it is the only deep water port still functioning today outside of Bay adds to its modern importance as well.

Most California cities have a local government set up by the laws of incorporation, but the residents of Redwood City elected to be governed as a California Charter City. It has become an integral part of the High Tech community and is home to both Oracle and Electronic Arts.

The local residents are also proud of a government study that found their city had the “best” climate (by study parameters) in the entire country. Hence their city motto: “Climate Best By Government Test”.

To highlight their modern coolness quotient, the film Mrs. Doubtfire filmed some of the courtroom scenes in the actual Redwood City official courthouse.

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